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DIY beautification

Wonderfully made is about embracing uniqueness, creating time to adorn yourself, believing the truth about what God says about us and not performing to the world's view on beauty. Our very own Bethel Chica, Chanel Molleo, will be peforming make-up demo's for take home DIY beautification!
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Morning Prayer

Good morning Father, Good morning Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit! You are Holy, Holy, Holy yet You are listening to me right now. You sit high on Your throne in Heaven yet You are with me at all times. The entire universe fits between the width of Your fingers but still You see me and You love me.
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Chica Conference 2020

Join us for an extraordinary day of worship, pouring out at the feet of Jesus, and an unforgettable heart change in the presence of God. This is a one day event you definitely should not miss!
Saturday, September 19th
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